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In a notable prisoner exchange on Thursday, 100 Ukrainians were released from Russian captivity, and 100 Russians were released from Ukrainian captivity, marking a significant moment in the ongoing conflict between the two nations.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Telegram, “in exchange for 100 Russian service members, 100 Ukrainian prisoners of war were given to the Ukrainian military.”

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, sharing the news on X, celebrated the return of their soldiers, stating, “100 Ukrainian warriors returned home from the Russian captivity. Most of them are the defenders of Mariupol. We will return all of our people.”

Amid this exchange, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, conveyed his openness to peace negotiations with the United States regarding the war in Ukraine. Putin said, “We hear all the time, ‘Is Russia ready?’ Yes. We have not refused. It was them who publicly refused.” He also revisited claims of nearly reaching an agreement with Ukraine early in the conflict, which he alleges was obstructed by Britain’s then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a claim Johnson has refuted.


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