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Finnair has introduced a new initiative inviting passengers to voluntarily weigh themselves along with their carry-on luggage to aid in gathering essential aircraft cargo data.

This program, aimed at enhancing the accuracy of aircraft balance calculations, will keep the weight data of passengers anonymous, ensuring privacy while optimizing flight operations.

240208074744 02 Finnair Helsinki Airport File 2023

The airline emphasizes the significance of accurate passenger and cargo load estimates for safe flight operations, adhering to aviation regulations that require updating weight averages every five years. In a statement, a spokeswoman for Finnair said, “We use the weighing data for the average calculations required for the safe operation of flights, and the collected data is not linked in any way to the customer’s personal data.”

The voluntary weighing campaign will run from this month through May, with the gathered data expected to be reviewed by Finnish authorities and implemented in aircraft balance calculations by the following year.


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