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A group of Senate Democrats are advocating for a bill that aims to restrict weapons sales to countries obstructing US humanitarian aid. The bill, though not directly naming Israel, targets facilitating humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza amidst US weapons support to Israel

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), supported by 19 senators, emphasized the importance of aligning US assistance with legal and humanitarian standards, stating, “It is imperative that all assistance to Israel abide by US and international law, prioritize the protection of civilians, assure the provision of desperately needed humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza, and align with a long-term vision for peace, security, and two-state diplomatic solution.”

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The proposed legislation seeks to amend a substantial security package aimed at military aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, highlighting the tension between Congress’s majority support for Israel and progressive Democrats’ concerns over Israel’s handling of humanitarian aid in Gaza.

Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), the amendment’s lead sponsor, advocated for the amendment’s necessity for transparency and accountability in US military assistance, ensuring it adheres to US values and international humanitarian law. The amendment mandates countries receiving US weapons to cooperate with American humanitarian efforts, with provisions allowing presidential waivers for national security reasons and exemptions for strictly defensive systems.


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