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The White House has criticized House Republicans for their proposal of a $17.6 billion aid package solely for Israel, terming it a “cynical political maneuver.”

This rebuke comes in light of Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) announcement of the bill, which is set for a vote next week and focuses exclusively on aid for Israel, diverging from Senate efforts towards a comprehensive bipartisan border and aid package.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, in a statement, highlighted the administration’s disappointment and noted ongoing bipartisan Senate negotiations aimed at securing both border integrity and providing support to Ukraine and Israel. She said, “For months the administration has been working with a bipartisan group of Senators on a national security agreement that secures our border and provides support for the people of Ukraine and Israel.” The White House added that the security of Israel should not be “politicized.”

The proposed bill by House Republicans, described as a “clean, standalone” measure by Johnson, contrasts with the Senate’s approach, which encompasses broader issues including Ukraine aid and border security.


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