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Prosecutors have challenged former President Trump’s assertion that the investigation into his possession of classified documents post-presidency is politically motivated.

In a 68-page document filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team, the prosecutors disputed Trump’s claim of collusion involving the Biden administration, the National Archives, and the special counsel’s office, terming the accusation “inaccurate and distorted.”

“The defendants’ motion paints an inaccurate and distorted picture of events,” the prosecutors stated, urging the Trump legal team to rectify “misstatements” that they argue could significantly mislead regarding various aspects of the case. They accused the defense of concocting a “false narrative of the investigation’s origins” in an effort to undermine the credibility of government officials involved in the case. According to the filing, the government faced an “extraordinary situation” with a former President allegedly obstructing the collection of presidential records, which included highly classified documents critical to national security.

The document also highlighted alleged attempts by Trump and his co-defendants, Carlos DeOliveira and Walty Nauta, to access the confiscated documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. These documents, the prosecution argues, are vital to the United States’ history and posterity and their collection is mandated by law.

Entangled in multiple legal battles, Trump is accused of unlawfully retaining over 300 records, constituting a breach of the Espionage Act.


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