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Joe Rogan has entered into a new agreement with Spotify to continue distributing “The Joe Rogan Experience,” expanding the partnership into video format on YouTube.

The contract, reported by The Wall Street Journal to be valued at up to $250 million, comprises an upfront payment and a revenue-sharing model linked to ad sales. This marks a significant shift from Rogan’s initial Spotify contract, enhancing the scope of distribution and advertising responsibilities.


Since starting his podcasting journey in 2009, Rogan’s influence has soared, reaching a peak with his initial Spotify deal in 2020, valued at around $200 million. Known for his roles as a comedian and the host of “Fear Factor,” Rogan’s podcast has been a platform for varied and often open discussions on topics ranging from COVID-19 to politics.

Rogan expressed gratitude for the educational journey his podcasting experience has provided. “I’ve also learned so much — not just from all the episodes themselves — but also from all the audiobooks I’ve listened to, articles and books that I’ve read, and documentaries I’ve watched either for the show, or because of the show,” Rogan said.


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