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In a recent opinion piece, Ukrainian Army Chief Valeriy Zaluzhnyi outlined the critical priorities and challenges facing Ukraine’s military amidst reports suggesting his potential dismissal.

Published by CNN, Zaluzhnyi’s article steers clear of addressing any rumors about a rift with President Volodymyr Zelensky or his departure from the position. Instead, it focuses on the strategic imperatives for Ukraine as it approaches the third year of conflict with Russia, emphasizing the need for technological advancements and systemic reforms in military rearmament.

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Zaluzhnyi argued for establishing a new state system for technological rearmament, aiming to complete such a system within five months, a timeline he noted is in agreement with Ukraine’s partners. He highlighted the essential role of unmanned systems, like drones, in preventing Ukraine from being drawn into a positional war.

Zaluzhnyi’s commentary also sheds light on significant institutional challenges, including the “inability” of Ukraine’s state institutions to bolster armed forces manpower without resorting to “unpopular measures.” He critiqued the legislative and industrial roadblocks hampering the mobilization process and defense production, pointing out the detrimental effects of regulatory and industrial monopolization on ammunition supply.


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