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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has announced an impending response to recent attacks on US forces by Iranian-backed militias, emphasizing the Pentagon’s capability to react strongly.

Austin highlighted the intention to significantly reduce the capabilities of these groups, which have targeted US personnel, stating, “We’ve not described what our response is going to be, but we look to hold the people that are responsible for this accountable,” during a press briefing at the Pentagon.

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Austin detailed a “multi-tiered response” to assaults on American troops in the Middle East, indicating a strategic approach to counter the threats while aiming to prevent a broader conflict in the region.

Despite the emphasis on defense, Austin reassured that the US would take all necessary measures to protect its interests and the safety of its people. The backdrop to these developments includes a recent drone strike attributed to the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, which resulted in casualties among US troops, and an aggressive stance against US forces by Iranian-supported groups following regional tensions.


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