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In a rare admission, Syrian state media reported on Monday that Iranian advisers were among those killed in an Israeli attack near Damascus.

The state news agency SANA, quoting a military source, initially disclosed that the Israeli strike targeted several points south of Damascus, resulting in the death of Iranian advisers and civilians. However, specific casualty figures were not provided.

Status 6

Following the initial report, SANA updated its website, removing the mention of Iranian advisers and instead referring generally to “fatalities.” This change reflects the unusual nature of acknowledging Iranian involvement in Syrian state media, as Iran’s military and diplomatic activities in Syria are rarely reported. The Israeli military has declined to comment on these reports.

Digging Deeper:
Iran has been a significant supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during the 12-year-old conflict, providing military, economic, and diplomatic assistance. This support has enabled Iran to establish a strong presence in various regions of Syria.


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