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A recent Supreme Court decision has temporarily permitted Border Patrol agents to remove razor wire installed by Texas along the US-Mexico border. This 5-4 ruling is a notable development in the ongoing conflict between the Biden administration and Texas over immigration control measures.

The concertina wire, stretching approximately 30 miles near Eagle Pass, has been a point of contention. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, authorized the wire installation as part of broader efforts to reduce illegal crossings from Mexico. His spokesman, Andrew Mahaleris, expressed the state’s commitment to defending its property and constitutional authority in border security matters. However, the Justice Department argued that the wire poses obstacles to the U.S. government’s border patrol duties, particularly in aiding migrants in need.

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The administration, in its court filings, maintained that the wire impedes Border Patrol agents’ ability to reach migrants crossing the river. It argued that federal immigration law supersedes Texas’ efforts to control migrant flow into the country. On the other hand, Texas officials claim that federal agents are cutting the wire to facilitate groups crossing illegally.

This Supreme Court order, which came without detailed explanation from the justices, temporarily resolves a dispute that had escalated following a federal appeals court decision last month. That decision had halted federal agents from cutting the wire.

The installation of the wire and other deterrent measures like floating barriers in the Rio Grande have been part of Governor Abbott’s aggressive border policy. This includes arresting migrants on trespassing charges and denying Border Patrol agents access to certain areas like Eagle Park in Shelby Park, a notable migrant crossing point.


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