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In a recent statement, the US Navy announced the dismissal of Capt. Geoffry Patterson, the commanding officer of the USS Georgia submarine’s Blue Crew.

Rear Adm. Thomas Buchanan, commander of Submarine Group 10, relieved Patterson due to a “loss of confidence in his ability to command.” This incident marks the first Navy commander’s removal of the year.


Patterson, who assumed command of the submarine’s Blue Crew in May 2022, was arrested in January 2023 on charges including driving under the influence and improper lane change, as per the Camden County Sheriff’s Office records. He was released on bond after paying over $1,800.

The Navy operates a dual crew system for its ballistic and guided-missile submarines, with Blue and Gold crews alternating to maximize operational availability and crew readiness. Following Patterson’s removal, Capt. Christopher Osborn, commander of the Gold Crew, has taken charge of the USS Georgia, with the Navy assuring no impact on operations.

The USS Georgia, an Ohio-class guided missile submarine, completed its last deployment in September 2022. The Navy’s guided-missile submarines, converted from ballistic missile submarines, are equipped with Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles and are trained for special operations.


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