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Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun publicly addressed the recent midair fuselage panel blowout on a Boeing aircraft, labeling the event as a “mistake” that must not recur.

In his address to Boeing employees, Calhoun committed to full transparency, stating, “We’re going to approach this, No. 1, acknowledging our mistake with 100 percent and complete transparency every step of the way.”


Calhoun reassured that Boeing is fully cooperating with the NTSB to identify the incident’s “root cause.” He expressed confidence in the NTSB, saying, “I have a long experience with this group. They’re as good as it gets. I trust every step they’ll take, and they will get a conclusion.” He also mentioned the FAA’s role in ensuring that procedures are established to guarantee the safety of future flights, emphasizing, “this event can never happen again.”

What led up to this:
Last Friday, an Alaska Airlines flight underwent an “explosive decompression.” A fuselage panel on the Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft detached shortly after takeoff from Portland, Oregon, leaving a hole in the aircraft’s side. This event forced an emergency landing at Portland International Airport; the flight was initially headed to Ontario, California.

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Following the incident, widespread calls have been made to review the Boeing model thoroughly. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) responded by temporarily grounding approximately 171 Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft used by US airlines or in US territory for comprehensive safety inspections.


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