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Texas Governor Greg Abbott claims to have received no response from the White House after submitting eight letters suggesting solutions to the border crisis.

In an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” Abbott revealed his attempts to communicate directly with President Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, offering strategies to resolve the issues at the US-Mexico border. Despite his outreach, including personally delivering a letter, Abbott claims he has heard “absolutely nothing” from the administration.

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Abbott’s ongoing plea for federal action comes as he has criticized the Biden Administration for what he perceives to be inadequate enforcement of immigration laws by the White House. In response, he has initiated measures such as transporting migrants to Democratic-led cities, increasing funding for border wall construction, and introducing new immigration and border security legislation in Texas.

One recent piece of legislation, the controversial Senate Bill 4 (S.B. 4), set to take effect in March, allows state law enforcement to arrest individuals suspected of illegal entry, marking a significant escalation in Texas’s approach to border control.


The federal government, emphasizing its primary role in immigration regulation, has challenged Texas’s stance. It recently filed a lawsuit against the state, citing a 2012 Supreme Court decision prioritizing federal immigration laws over state legislation. Despite this, Abbott insists that the federal government’s “failure” to enforce laws justifies Texas’s actions.

This comes as Governor Abbott has faced criticism from leaders of sanctuary cities like New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who recently sued Texas charter companies for transporting migrants. Abbott, however, suggests that Adams should direct his legal efforts toward the Biden administration, not the bus companies, to address the influx of migrants effectively.


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