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Former Vice President Mike Pence has described Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s undisclosed hospitalization as a “dereliction of duty” during a Sunday interview.

While expressing his well wishes for Austin’s recovery, Pence voiced strong disapproval of the secrecy surrounding the situation, emphasizing the public’s right to know about such significant matters, especially given the current global military engagements.


Pence urged Austin and the Biden administration to disclose the hospitalization details, which has been a mystery since New Year’s Day. He expressed concern about the implications of having the US military leader incapacitated without the President’s knowledge during critical times, labeling the situation a failure of responsibility.

The Pentagon revealed on Friday that Austin was admitted to Walter Reed Army Medical Center due to complications from a recent procedure, but many details remain undisclosed.

Austin responded to the criticism on Saturday, acknowledging the need for greater transparency. He assured that he was recovering and promised a more forthcoming approach in the future. “I also understand the media concerns about transparency, and I recognize I could have done a better job ensuring the public was appropriately informed. I commit to doing better,” Austin stated.


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