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In a recent GB News interview, Erik Prince, the founder of the Blackwater (a private military contractor) and a former US Navy Seal, predicted that China might militarily target Taiwan in the spring of 2024.

Prince discussed US foreign policy under the Biden administration and suggested that diminished US credibility abroad might embolden Chinese leader Xi Jinping to assert control over Taiwan, a move he feels is increasingly plausible. Prince said, “it must feel like the door is wide open for them to do whatever it is they want to do. If they are going to take Taiwan by force, I would predict that they are going to do something this spring.”


Prince linked the US’s “inability to finish properly in Iraq and Afghanistan” to the rise of military threats worldwide, including the situation in Taiwan. He also highlighted broader regional tensions, mentioning “attacks by Houthi rebels targeting shipping vessels in the Red Sea.”

Prince’s predictions align with recent statements by Xi Jinping, who firmly stated China’s commitment to preventing Taiwan’s secession, declaring unification as an “inevitable trend.”

This comes as Chinese President Xi Jinping made significant changes in China’s military leadership, notably the appointment of PLAN Admiral Dong Jun as Minister of National Defense just two weeks before Taiwan’s elections.


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