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New York City is gearing up for potential protests during its upcoming New Year’s festivities.

NYPD Assistant Chief John Hart stated, “[T]he groups that have regularly protested, in regards to Israel-Palestine, have been 1,000 to 5,000 on occasion, and we’re prepared for ’em at any number.”


Last week witnessed a significant turnout of pro-Palestinian protesters, particularly on “Super Saturday” before Christmas Eve, a day typically busy with last-minute holiday shopping. The “Shut it Down for Palestine” movement, as part of a broader boycott and disruption strategy outlined by the ANSWER Coalition, aimed to rally at retail centers on December 23. The group’s website condemned the “genocidal Israeli assault on Gaza.”

Social media posts have highlighted the scale of these protests, with large gatherings in New York City and major cities worldwide like Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and Toronto.


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