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In a significant modernization effort, the US Army’s ground combat forces are set to receive three new vehicles in 2024, enhancing firepower and mobility on the battlefield.

The Mobile Protected Firepower Vehicle is among the new additions, dubbed the M10 Booker. The Booker is described as a light tank designed to support infantry brigades by targeting fortifications and providing protection against enemy armor. General Dynamic Land Systems, the contractor responsible for the Booker, delivered the first vehicles for testing in November, with plans for fielding in 2024.


Additionally, the Army is working on the XM30 Mechanized Infantry Fighting Vehicle, slated to replace the decades-old Bradley vehicles. American Rheinmetall Vehicles and General Dynamics Land Systems, selected from five bidders, are expected to deliver prototypes by late 2024.

Stratom Rcv L Featured

Beyond traditional vehicles, the Army is investing in robotic technology to address emerging threats and complexities on future battlefields. The Robotic Combat Vehicle-Light (RCV-L) program has selected McQ, Textron Systems, General Dynamics Land Systems, and Oshkosh Defense to build prototypes for review by August 2024. These robotic “wingmen” will act as “scouts” or “escorts” for human-crewed vehicles, with the Army set to choose a single company in fiscal year 2025 to proceed to the second phase.


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