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Hawaii Governor Josh Green has announced his intention to request $425 million from state lawmakers for the upcoming fiscal year to assist in the recovery of Maui following the devastating fires in August. Additionally, Green is seeking further funding to mitigate the risks of wildfires across the state.

This proposed budget marks Green’s first significant financial plan since the Maui fire on August 8, which claimed over 100 lives and destroyed the historic town of Lahaina. In a statement, Governor Green said, “We’re going to make them whole. We’re going to help them survive.”

The fire displaced about 12,000 people, half of whom continue to live in hotels due to a severe housing shortage. While the federal government is taking on most of the cleanup and emergency housing costs, Green noted that the state’s contribution to the overall recovery effort, estimated at more than $5 billion, would be around $500 million.

The governor’s budget includes various allocations, such as $200 million for Maui insurance claims, $186 million for other recovery costs, and significant investments in fire and emergency response equipment. The plan also proposes the creation of 20 positions at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency for fire-related tasks and $33 million, mostly from federal funds, for repairing and rebuilding state highways in Lahaina.

Beyond addressing fire response, Governor Green’s proposal includes $22 million for senior housing in Honolulu, $10 million for improvements in public housing, and $30 million in tax breaks for families with preschool-aged children. Green emphasized that the state would carefully use funds and said he would avoid using the $1.5 billion “rainy day fund” Hawaii has.


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