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Michigan State University’s Board of Trustees has agreed to settlements with the families of Brian Fraser, Arielle Anderson, and Alexandria Verner, the students who lost their lives in a campus shooting earlier this year.

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While not disclosing the specific settlement amounts, the university has agreed to pay $5 million to the Verner family, according to their family attorney, David Femminineo.

In a statement, Trustee David Kelly acknowledged the irreplaceable loss of the families, saying, “While no amount of compensation can ever replace the loss of a life, we do hope this brings some closure, support, and relief to these impacted families. The university gives its deepest condolences to each of the three families, and we are committed to ensuring the memory of their child is not forgotten in the Spartan community.”

This comes after the deadly incident occurred on February 13, when Anthony McRae, who had no direct connection to the victims or the university, opened fire, leading to fatalities and injuries. He later killed himself. Investigations concluded without establishing a definitive motive.

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Femminineo commented on the settlement, stating, “The Verner family did not seek to blame MSU for the death of their daughter. Instead, the Verner family has sought answers as to how this could be prevented in the future.” In response to the incident, Kelly affirmed Michigan State’s commitment: “Michigan State remains committed to enhancing safety on campus and providing mental health support to our community as we continue to heal.”


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