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The United Nations mission in Mali, known as MINUSMA, has officially concluded its 10-year operation in the country, as confirmed by its spokesperson.

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MINUSMA, deployed since 2013, conducted a symbolic ceremony in its Bamako headquarters, marking the end of its mission, according to spokesperson Fatoumata Kaba. However, some mission elements remain in Mali, with a planned “liquidation phase” set to begin after January 1, focusing on transferring leftover equipment to Malian authorities. The mission’s termination follows a directive from Mali’s military government, which came to power in 2020, amidst ongoing conflicts with armed groups in the Sahel region.

File Photo: U.n. Peacekeepers Carry The Coffins Of The Three United Nations Soldiers From Bangladesh, Who Were Killed By An Explosive Device In Northern Mali On Sunday, During A Ceremony At The Minusma Base In Bamako

The withdrawal of the approximately 15,000-strong MINUSMA force, which has lost about 180 members to attacks, has raised concerns about escalating conflicts between Malian forces and armed groups. As of Friday, most MINUSMA personnel had left Mali, leaving behind a few key sites in Gao and Timbuktu yet to be closed.

The mission recently transferred the Mopti camp, a central violence hotspot, to Malian control. This camp has hosted peacekeepers from various nations, including Bangladesh, Togo, Egypt, Pakistan, and Senegal.


Initially welcomed by Malians for assistance against rebels, the UN troops are now departing with unresolved regional instability. Since its 2020 takeover, Mali’s government has shifted alliances from France to closer ties with Moscow and the Wagner Group, which Western countries condemned as destabilizing.


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