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Britain and Norway have teamed up to enhance Ukraine’s naval capabilities.


UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps detailed the support, which includes two mine-hunting ships, amphibious armored vehicles, and coastal raiding boats to Ukraine. Shapps, alongside Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram, also revealed the establishment of a “maritime capability coalition” during a press conference in London. They expect more nations to join this initiative, transforming it into a “truly global affair.”


This development comes amidst concerns about potential US funding cuts for Ukraine due to a political dispute in Congress. “Securing the seas is the only way to defeat a tyrant like Putin, to guarantee the long-term independence and prosperity for Ukraine and for the whole of Europe,” said Shapps.

The coalition’s objective includes:

  • Expanding Ukraine’s forces in the Black Sea.
  • Developing a Ukrainian Marine Corps.
  • Enhancing river patrol craft for inland and coastal defense, according to British authorities. Pictures Released Of Ukrainian Dauntless Sea Ark Patrol Boat.jpg.medium Cropped.800x500

The UK’s aid package includes 20 Viking armored personnel vehicles, 23 coastal raiding boats, and two Sandown class vessels for mine-clearing operations. However, the deployment faces challenges due to Turkey’s restriction on non-Black Sea-based ships passing through the Bosporus Strait.

Bvs 10 Of Netherlands Marine Corps In 2015

The sale of the two mine-hunting ships from Britain to Ukraine was first announced in June 2021, with Ukrainian personnel beginning their training in Scotland last year.

Norway’s defense minister emphasized their commitment to building a sustainable Ukrainian naval capability: “Our goal is to contribute to building a lasting Ukrainian naval capability. In the further work, I hope Norway, as a sea-faring nation, can contribute with maritime expertise, new technological solutions and innovative thinking.”


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