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The United States, South Korea, and Japan have united to launch new cybersecurity initiatives targeting North Korea’s online threats, as announced by national security advisers from the three nations during a meeting in Seoul.

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White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated, “The allies launched new trilateral initiatives to counter the threats posed by the DPRK, from its cybercrime and cryptocurrency money laundering to its reckless space and ballistic missile tests.” He emphasized a concerted effort to disrupt North Korea’s cryptocurrency-based revenue streams, which are believed to support its weapons programs.

This collaboration follows commitments from a trilateral summit in August hosted by President Joe Biden, aiming to strengthen security and economic cooperation. The focus is mainly on North Korea’s cyber activities, which are allegedly linked to its prohibited weapons development. “Cryptocurrency funds stolen by North Korean hackers have been a key source of funding for the country’s weapons programs,” Sullivan added, referencing United Nations reports of record-high cryptocurrency theft by North Korea last year, a claim Pyongyang denies.


The Seoul meeting, addressing the heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula, also discussed concerns about North Korea’s potential military collaboration with Russia. Cho Tae-yong, South Korea’s national security office director, mentioned the advisers’ consensus on North Korea’s obligation to abide by United Nations Security Council resolutions for denuclearization and the prohibition of weapons trade.

Takeo Akiba, Japan’s national security secretariat secretary general, highlighted the need for an effective partnership between the three nations in response to North Korea’s increased missile launch activities.


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