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Danielle Carnival, the coordinator for the White House’s cancer moonshot initiative, emphasized the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in battling health “misinformation.”

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Carnival said there was a critical need for patients and caregivers to access trustworthy and accurate information to receive effective care. She added, “There are lots of risks with artificial intelligence … but one of the opportunities I think is going to make a huge impact in healthcare is the ability for people to get targeted information in a language or a culturally appropriate way that they can receive and act on.”

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Carnival also argued that AI should avoid introducing new biases and be leveraged to improve equitable access to healthcare information. She said, “As we build these AI systems, it’s not good enough just not to introduce new bias through AI, but to use AI in health care to improve equity, improve the ability for people to get the information and knowledge they need to make preventive health care decisions, to get access to early screening and detection and make decisions.”

This comes as the Biden administration has prioritized the fight against cancer, America’s second-leading cause of death, by relaunching the “cancer moonshot.” This initiative, first established in 2016 during the Obama administration, aims to reduce cancer death rates and enhance the quality of life for those affected by the disease. Carnival believes that a unified effort is necessary to make national progress in cancer prevention, detection, and treatment.


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