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China has called on the United Nations Security Council to establish a definitive timetable and roadmap for a two-state solution, aiming for a lasting resolution to the Israel-Palestine issue.

This initiative was proposed as China released a position paper on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and took over the Security Council’s rotating presidency for November. The document emphasizes the need for intensified diplomatic mediation, the revival of the two-state solution, and the organization of a significant international peace conference.

Beijing’s approach focuses on a comprehensive ceasefire to halt ongoing hostilities. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, presiding over a high-level Security Council meeting on the conflict in Gaza, advocated for a sustained truce to prevent the conflict’s escalation in the Middle East. “Peace cannot be limited and the ceasefire cannot have an expiration date,” Wang stated, highlighting the importance of seizing opportunities for peace and preventing the re-ignition of conflict.

The Chinese government has also pledged to provide additional emergency humanitarian aid to Gaza. Amidst global calls for Israel and Hamas to extend their truce in Gaza, Beijing has remained neutral, not condemning Hamas but opposing actions that harm civilians.

China’s President Xi Jinping reinforced this stance, saying, “The crux of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict lies in the delay in the realization of the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people to establish an independent state. The bitter lessons of the cycle of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict fully demonstrate that only by upholding the concept of common security can sustainable security be achieved.” Xi also urged the Security Council to actively contribute to ending the fighting, safeguarding civilian lives, and addressing the humanitarian crisis.


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