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Astronomers have identified a unique solar system 100 light-years away, where six planets orbit in remarkable synchrony, resembling a grand cosmic orchestra.


This solar system, located in the constellation Coma Berenices, was observed using NASA’s Tess and the European Space Agency’s Cheops satellites. Although none of the planets are in the star’s habitable zone, the system provides a valuable model for understanding solar system formation across the Milky Way. Adrien Leleu of the University of Geneva, a member of the international research team, described it as “a golden target” for comparison.

Lsp Tess Image

The star, known as HD 110067, hosts six planets about two to three times the size of Earth, with orbits ranging from nine to 54 days. These planets are closer to their star than Venus is to the sun, indicating extremely high temperatures. The planets, similar to gas giants, likely have solid cores surrounded by hydrogen. Enric Palle of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands explained, “This solar system is unique because all six planets move similar to a perfectly synchronized symphony.” The system exhibits a precise resonance, with the innermost planet completing three orbits for every two by its neighbor, and a similar pattern for the subsequent planets.


The discovery of this system’s perfect orbital synchrony is significant because it’s believed that all solar systems, including our own, initially formed in a similar state. However, disruptions such as giant planets, meteor bombardments, and stellar encounters often disturb this harmony. Hugh Osborn of the University of Bern, part of the research team, expressed astonishment at the match between the observed orbital periods and predictions, stating, “My jaw was on the floor.”


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