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Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has expressed confidence in Congress’s ability to secure supplemental funding for Israel and Ukraine. However, he emphasized that Ukraine funding should coincide with changes to US border policy.

“We have some negotiations that are going on in earnest,” Johnson stated during a Monday event in Florida, highlighting ongoing discussions about the funding package. Speaker Johnson also stressed the importance of supporting Israel, mentioning a House-passed bill linking aid to Israel with reductions in IRS funding, which is currently stalled in the Senate.

Speaker Johnson did not commit to linking the funding for Israel and Ukraine, underscoring the need to treat them separately. “Israel is a top priority for the United States, and supporting our ally there is critical,” he said, urging Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to act on the House-passed bill. Schumer, for his part, has not accepted this bill.

Regarding Ukraine, Johnson supported a measure for funding that includes revising border policies. He elaborated, “If there is to be additional assistance to Ukraine, we have to also work on changing our own border policy.” He believes this approach addresses both international and domestic priorities, echoing the sentiments of many Congressional members.

Johnson concluded by mentioning that the specifics of a broader funding package are still being finalized, but he remains hopeful. “I’m confident and optimistic that we’ll be able to get that done,” he affirmed, recognizing the urgency and the looming deadlines associated with this funding initiative.


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