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In a tense encounter in the Gulf of Aden, the USS Mason, a US Navy warship, was targeted by two ballistic missiles from Houthi-controlled regions of Yemen. This incident occurred as the Mason was aiding a commercial tanker, “the Central Park,” which had reported an attack by what is believed to be Houthi rebels.

The USS Mason, responding to the Central Park’s distress signal, arrived at the scene alongside allied ships. They confronted the attackers, leading to the surrender of five armed individuals who initially tried to escape. A statement from the US Central Command confirmed, “The MASON pursued the attackers resulting in their eventual surrender,” ensuring the safety of the Central Park’s crew.

Amidst the rescue operation, the situation escalated with the launch of two ballistic missiles towards the Mason and Central Park. Fired at 1:41 AM local time, these missiles missed their target, landing 10 nautical miles away in the Gulf of Aden without causing harm.

This attack forms part of a broader pattern of aggression against US interests in the Middle East, with Iran-backed militias frequently implicated, though Iran denies involvement. Notably, US forces have endured at least 67 similar attacks since October 17, including a recent drone attack by the USS Thomas Hudner against Houthi-launched drones in the Red Sea.


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