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Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, during a recent visit to Israel, expressed his support for the country’s efforts against Hamas propaganda, which he views as a contributing factor to the Gaza war.

Speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Musk emphasized the need to stop the militant group’s incitement, which led to widespread violence. “Those that are intent on murder must be neutralized,” Musk stated in an X Spaces discussion, adding his willingness to help make Gaza prosperous for a better future.

Netanyahu welcomed Musk’s commitment and showed him footage from the Oct. 7 attack. Musk, who has faced criticism for his own social media posts, reiterated his stance against content promoting hate and conflict. He also highlighted his previous proposal of using Starlink to support communication in Gaza, a plan that initially met with Israeli opposition but has since found a potential path forward with Israel’s agreement.

Musk’s visit, which included meetings with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and families of hostages held by Hamas, also focused on combating rising antisemitism online. His previous agreement with a post promoting a false conspiracy theory drew widespread condemnation, including from the White House.

Following the outbreak of the Gaza war, antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents have increased in the United States. Musk has maintained that X should allow diverse viewpoints while limiting the spread of policy-violating content, advocating for “freedom of speech, not reach.”


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