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Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Herzog, expressed optimism about the ongoing ceaseFire between Israel and Hamas.

Speaking on CNN, Herzog said, “This is the third day that we see the release of hostages. And we welcome the release of each and every one of them and would like to see more. Tomorrow is the fourth day. And if Hamas is willing to or able to release additional hostages, then there will be an extended pause.”

Herzog sees the possibility of extending the ceasefire each day, contingent on the release of more hostages by Hamas.

Elaborating on the agreement’s specifics, Herzog said, “It could be extended day by day. We — the deal was 50 hostages, four days of pause. And for each and every — if they produce 10 hostages, they get another day of pause. So that’s the key. That’s the deal. And we will see tomorrow if they are willing to release additional hostages.”

The interview comes as the Israeli military announced the release of 17 individuals, including 14 Israelis and three foreign nationals, from Hamas’s captivity in Gaza. This release marks the latest development in the four-day ceasefire agreement, where a total of 50 hostages were expected to be freed by Monday. The first wave on Friday saw the release of 24 hostages, followed by an additional 17 the next day.


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