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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to propose a ban on early termination fees for cable and satellite TV services.

The FCC believes that these fees limit consumer choice and negatively affect market competition. The agency highlighted that customers are often forced to pay for an entire billing cycle, even if they discontinue their service prematurely.

FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel emphasized the negative impact of early termination fees on consumer freedom, stating, “No one wants to pay junk fees for something they don’t want or can’t use.” She added that eliminating these fees would enhance consumer power in a competitive media market, fostering innovation and competition. The proposal is scheduled for a vote at a mid-December FCC meeting.

This initiative aligns with the Biden administration’s broader goal of eliminating “junk fees.” President Biden, expressing his support, shared on social media platform X that companies should not be able to lock consumers into unwanted services with high fees.

This action is part of a broader effort by the FCC, including the recent reinstatement of net neutrality laws to ensure a fair and open internet.


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