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Brazilian authorities have apprehended two individuals linked to suspected terrorist plot preparations, with Israel accusing Hezbollah of orchestrating the plans.

According to a statement from the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, their operatives aided Brazil in disrupting a terrorist cell operated by Hezbollah, which was targeting Israeli and Jewish entities within the country. The details of other international bodies involved in the operation were not disclosed.

The federal police of Brazil carried out the arrests in Sao Paulo and executed search warrants across multiple locations, including Brasilia and Minas Gerais, to gather evidence and investigate the recruitment of Brazilians for extremist activities.

While the identities of the suspects and their intended targets were not released, the Mossad indicated that these plans were part of a larger network functioning in other countries as well. Security experts have been monitoring Hezbollah’s presence in the tri-border area of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, where the group is known to have influence.

This development comes amid increased online anti-Semitic activities reported by the Jewish community in Brazil, particularly since the recent war in Gaza.


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