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Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) has recently addressed questions regarding the potential acceptance of a plea deal, indicating such a possibility is not being considered at the moment.

During a conversation with CNN’s “Inside Politics Sunday,” Santos was questioned by anchor Manu Raju about the likelihood of accepting a plea deal, to which Santos responded with uncertainty, emphasizing his current focus on forming a defense with his legal team. He elaborated by saying, “Right now, I’m pretty focused on my defense and putting together my defense with my attorneys.”

Santos’ comments followed inquiries into the guilty plea by his former campaign treasurer, Nancy Marks, who last month admitted to conspiring to fabricate campaign finance reports. Santos commented on the situation, implying that individuals in Marks’ position may say or do anything to protect themselves. However, when pressed if Marks was fabricating her statements, Santos refrained from direct accusations and instead expressed a desire to present his own facts and narrative.

The discussion of plea deals and Santos’ defense strategy comes against the backdrop of growing legal challenges for the congressman. After his November election, Santos faced 10 new criminal charges, including accusations of inflating campaign finance reports and unauthorized credit card charges. This May, additional charges were brought against him, totaling 23 counts, including deception of donors and fraudulent claims on financial disclosures.

This comes after a recent House vote attempting to remove him from Congress failed, with a 179-213 vote.


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