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In response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the United States has introduced a new wave of sanctions targeting Russian entities, including measures against the development of Russia’s future energy capabilities.

According to US officials, the sanctions target an entity linked to the Arctic-2 LNG project in Siberia. The sanctions, described as sweeping, also extend to efforts aimed at preventing sanction evasion and addressing the threat posed by suicide drones utilized by Russian forces in Ukraine.

In addition, the Treasury Department and US Commerce Department have blacklisted roughly 20 Russian firms believed to be supporting the Russian military with drones potentially aiding in the Ukraine invasion. The Treasury also sanctioned seven Russian banks and a number of industrial entities, including a company involved in advanced oil refining.

According to US officials, these measures aim to disrupt Russia’s potential future energy production and reduce its energy export capabilities to Europe, specifically targeting liquefied natural gas shipments.

Ukrainian leaders have expressed support for the sanctions, emphasizing the necessity for comprehensive implementation to prevent any circumvention by Russia.

This comes roughly two days after the Kremlin said it was not worried about any additional sanctions imposed by the United States. The Kremlin argued that any new sanctions issued by the United States would negatively impact their economy just as much as it would affect Russia.


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