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The Biden administration has dispatched Lt. Gen. James Glynn, a Marine three-star general, along with other US military officers to Israel, offering advisory support to the Israeli military’s leadership concerning its Gaza operation.

Lt. Gen. Glynn’s expertise extends from leading the Marines’ special operations to participating in Iraq operations against ISIS. While the US officials, including Glynn, are not orchestrating the operations, they have offered military counsel to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) regarding its strategies in Gaza, specifically potential ground invasion approaches.

Insights from US experiences combating ISIS in Mosul have been a key part of the shared knowledge. Notably, Glynn is not anticipated to remain in Israel for the entirety of the IDF’s ground assault.

Addressing the collaboration, a Pentagon spokesperson mentioned, “We have asked several officials with relevant experience, simply to help Israeli officials think through the difficult questions ahead and explore their options. The IDF will, as always, make its own decisions.”

Secretary of State Blinken further emphasized the US commitment, stating that the US is in continuous talks with Israeli officials regarding their military strategies for Gaza, ensuring civilians are protected in the conflict instigated by Hamas.

Both Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Erik Kurilla, leader of the US Central Command, have also visited Israel recently, strengthening ties with the Israeli Defense Minister and the IDF leadership.


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