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The director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announced on the show that 17 trucks had already entered Gaza, and 40 more are anticipated by Monday.

McCain, the wife of late Senator John McCain, told co-anchor Jonathan Karl, “Starvation and the lack of food is a security issue… we want to make sure that people can feed themselves and that, you know, we have the opportunity and the ability to give them a sustainable life as best we can.”

Highlighting the challenges of working in a conflict zone, she noted the necessity of ensuring the trucks’ safe and consistent passage into the region. Addressing concerns about the potential diversion of aid to Hamas, a group the US designates as a terrorist organization, McCain assured that the WFP already has mechanisms in place. “We have a WFP team that’s already on the ground… We are able to track and trace our bags,” she stated, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to ensuring aid reaches the intended recipients.

This comes as current death tolls sit at 1,400 for Israel after deadly attacks launched by Hamas. In addition, authorities in Gaza report that Israeli airstrikes have led to 4,385 dead and 13,561 injured.


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