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China’s defense ministry has refuted recent accusations from the US Department of Defense over “risky and coercive” aerial intercepts.

Earlier this week, the US Department of Defense highlighted concerns, stating that since 2021, Chinese fighter jets have demonstrated “coercive and risky operational behavior” in the Indo-Pacific. They further elaborated, asserting that the “unsafe interceptions of US and allied aircraft in international airspace is a centralized and concerted campaign by Chinese officials to coerce a change in lawful US operational activity.”

In response, China’s defense ministry criticized the US for amplifying a “Chinese military threat” that, according to them, does not exist. They attributed the escalating tensions to US military presence close to China, asserting that the primary cause of the maritime and air military security issues was the approach of “US warships and planes” near China’s boundaries.

The ministry emphasized the need for the US to cease these actions, avoid “misunderstandings and misjudgment,” and ensure maritime and aerial safety.


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