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National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby has not dismissed the potential deployment of US ground forces for hostage rescue in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Kirby, appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” addressed questions regarding the possible involvement of US troops, stating, “What I won’t do is rule anything in or out when it comes to getting our hostages home.” He emphasized the lack of concrete plans for such a deployment, noting the need for more “contextual information” to develop specific policy options.

Currently, the situation remains precarious, with more than 100 individuals, including an uncertain number of Americans, believed to be held hostage by Hamas. Despite 15 American citizens remaining unaccounted for, Kirby reaffirmed, “There’s no plans or intentions to put US troops on the ground to fight in this fight between Israel and Hamas.”

Kirby also noted the uncertainty concerning the exact number and whereabouts of American hostages, explaining the challenges in formulating a response strategy. “We are actively trying to find out exactly where they are… we know there could be more than we know that could be in different groups, it could be moved around.”

This comes as violence in the region persists, significantly impacting civilian populations. In response to Hamas’s attack, Israel has intensified its counteroffensive, leading to widespread international concern.


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