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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro spoke with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas about the Gaza situation.

During their discussion, Maduro expressed his intention to establish a humanitarian aid corridor to assist Gaza’s residents. He quoted his previous statement, highlighting the “indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population by Israel,” which he believed surpassed “the line of respect for international humanitarian law.”

Maduro informed Abbas of Caracas’s upcoming delivery of over 30 tons of humanitarian aid, representing the commencement of a strategy to offer “direct and constant support for the Palestinian people.” Both leaders acknowledged the urgent requirement for a ceasefire and establishing a humanitarian passage for Gaza.

Additionally, Maduro mentioned their joint consideration of proposals from nations like China and Egypt to orchestrate a global peace conference aimed at “the re-establishment of international legality.”

This comes as Israel continues to launch counterattacks on Hamas in Gaza. The attacks have resulted in significant civilian casualties and the deaths of key Hamas officials.


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