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Two Mexican migrants were found dead near the US-Mexico border in Tecate, Baja California, according to Mexico’s National Migration Institute. The discovery was made on Friday morning at the desert hill of Cuchuma, a site considered sacred by a local Indigenous group and known to be frequented by human smugglers.

The incident also resulted in three others being wounded by gunshots, while nine individuals remained unharmed. It is currently unclear who was responsible for the shooting; however, past incidents indicate that such events often revolve around payment disputes or conflicts between rival gangs regarding passage rights.

Additionally, migrants and asylum seekers in these regions face threats from gangs involved in robbery, kidnapping, and other crimes. Notably, in 2021, Tamaulipas state police killed 19 individuals, including 14 Guatemalan migrants, and later attempted to cover up the incident by burning the bodies. 11 officers were subsequently convicted.

Other recent events accentuate the rising number of migrant deaths and injuries near the border. In another tragic incident, a truck accident in Chiapas killed two Central American migrants and injured 27. A separate truck crash left 52 migrants injured, all of whom later received asylum cards. In Coahuila, near the Texas border, two Central American migrants lost their lives attempting to board a moving train.


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