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Sam Bankman-Fried, former CEO of FTX, has been permitted by a US judge to wear formal attire during his impending fraud trial.

On Wednesday, US District Judge Lewis Kaplan instructed that officials ensure Bankman-Fried is provided with appropriate courtroom attire, including suit jackets, dress shirts, ties, and shoes.

The decision follows a request from his legal team, noting that incarcerated individuals typically don’t have personal clothing access. This gesture by judges allows defendants to appear in business attire in court, reducing potential juror bias that might arise from them donning prison uniforms.

Bankman-Fried, 31, who stands accused of misappropriating billions from his cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has consistently appeared in suits for most court proceedings since his arrest in December 2022, though he was spotted in a beige prison uniform during an August hearing.

Notably, before his legal troubles, Bankman-Fried was recognized for his casual style, often sporting shorts and T-shirts even in high-profile meetings. A hearing is slated for Thursday, where Judge Kaplan will consider a request for Bankman-Fried’s temporary release during the trial duration.


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