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Trade disruptions have emerged at the U.S.-Mexico border due to US authorities intensifying security measures in response to a surge in migration.

According to Manuel Sotelo, president of the Ciudad Juarez Transport Association, approximately 8,000 trailers with goods valued at around $1 billion have been held up on the Mexican side in the past week. Sotelo mentioned that some businesses are rerouting their goods via entry points in New Mexico and Arizona to avoid extensive delays in Texas. This situation has prompted a significant Canadian off-road vehicle producer, BRP, to halt operations at three Ciudad Juarez plants, affecting around 9,000 employees.

The company commented on the issue, saying, “Due to the waiting times on the international bridges in Ciudad Juarez, we have had a significant reduction in the volume of units that we can export daily.” Jesus Salayandía from the Mexican industry association, Canacintra, anticipates further temporary suspensions by other firms in Ciudad Juarez if the border delays persist.

Last week, to better manage the influx of migrants, US border authorities paused cargo operations at one of El Paso’s bridges. Though the US Customs and Border Protection stated that only 40% of the roughly 500 trucks crossing that bridge daily transport goods into the US, they felt this suspension would “have the least total impact on our trade partners.”


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