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Former President Donald Trump has indicated plans to reallocate resources from federal agencies and deploy overseas troops to the US-Mexico border if re-elected.

While addressing supporters in Dubuque, Iowa, Trump revealed plans to deploy “thousands of troops” currently stationed overseas to the US-Mexico border if he were to be elected again. He blamed the surge in border crossings on the Biden administration, terming it an “invasion” and vowed to end the “open borders policy” of the “current regime” immediately upon his inauguration.

Trump also expressed intent to broaden the scope of the travel ban on several majority-Muslim nations, a policy that was in place during his tenure from 2017 to 2021. However, he did not delve into the specifics of this planned expansion. The stance taken by the Biden administration amidst the escalating border situation has been to utilize available resources “efficiently” and urging Congress to enact laws that rectify a “broken system.”

The discussion on border control is ramping up among Republican candidates as they highlight their firm approach toward the issue, showcasing its significance to the primary Republican electorate. Recent statistics from a Reuters/Ipsos poll have indicated that immigration is a primary concern for about one-sixth of Republicans, ranking third after the economy and crime.


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