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The Pentagon disclosed on Monday that the State Department has approved a prospective sale of an air and missile defense system to Poland, valued at approximately $4 billion.

In a step towards bolstering its air defense mechanisms, NATO-affiliated Poland has expressed interest in procuring the second segment of a two-stage PATRIOT Configuration-3+ command system complete with contemporary sensors and modules. The Pentagon outlined that the acquisition encompasses 93 engagement operation centers, 175 fire control network relays, and other pertinent devices.

This development emerges amidst a surge in European demand for US military equipment, including munitions, communication tools, Javelin missiles, and drones — assets deemed vital in Ukraine’s ongoing war engagements.

Northrup Grumman (NOC.N), identified by the Pentagon as the chief contractor in this endeavor, will be at the forefront of orchestrating the missile defense system’s establishment.


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