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Ukrainian forces have reportedly reclaimed several significant offshore drilling platforms near Crimea from Russian control.

On Monday, Ukraine’s military intelligence agency, known as GUR, announced via the Telegram messaging app that a “unique operation” had successfully resulted in the recapture of the oil and gas drilling installations known as the “Boiko Towers.”

These platforms had reportedly been under Russian control since 2015, a year after Russia annexed Crimea. Moscow had allegedly utilized these installations for military objectives since the onset of their full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. At the moment, Russian authorities have not issued any comments regarding Ukraine’s claims.

GUR highlighted the strategic significance of reclaiming the “Boiko Towers,” noting it impairs Russia’s ability to leverage them for military ventures. The operation seemingly puts Ukraine in a fortified position towards recovering Crimea by reducing Russia’s authoritative presence in the Black Sea. “For Ukraine, regaining control of the Boiko Towers was of strategic importance and, as a result, Russia lost the ability to use them for military purposes,” conveyed GUR in a video message shared on Telegram, adding that this shift disrupts Russia’s full control over the Black Sea waters, fostering advancements in Ukraine’s bid to regain Crimea.

Moreover, the intelligence agency detailed that the mission involved an altercation between Ukrainian special forces navigating boats and a Russian fighter jet, which encountered damage forcing it to withdraw. The agency also reported securing “valuable trophies” during this maneuver, including a radar system capable of tracking marine traffic in the Black Sea and helicopter munitions.

The NEVA radar captured by Ukrainian special forces who took over the “Boiko Towers“. Russia used this radar to monitor sea traffic in this area of the Black Sea.

Before the annexation of Crimea, Ukraine significantly depended on the Black Sea shelf for natural gas extraction, a resource vital not only for Crimea but also for other mainland areas of Ukraine.


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