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Chinese nationals have been reported on US military bases multiple times, as revealed by a recent Wall Street Journal article.

These incidents include appearances at a missile range in New Mexico and a government rocket launch site in Florida. Another report by USA Today in May highlighted an attempted breach at Fort Wainwright in Alaska, where Chinese individuals allegedly bypassed a security checkpoint. The vehicle in question contained a drone, with its occupants claiming to be tourists who had lost their way.

The Defense Department and the FBI conducted a review over the past year aimed at addressing these breaches, referring to the individuals involved as “gate-crashers.” These intrusions have raised espionage concerns for US officials.

The Chinese Embassy has countered claims of espionage at US military bases. Liu Pengyu, the embassy spokesperson, commented on the allegations, stating, “The relevant claims are purely ill-intentioned fabrications.” He further called on US officials to “abandon the Cold War mentality” and foster trust and friendship between the two nations.


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