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The Biden administration intends to supply Ukraine with armor-piercing munitions made from depleted uranium.

As a part of an upcoming military aid package for Ukraine, these munitions are designed to counter armored vehicles, specifically Russian tanks. Expected to be incorporated into the US Abrams tanks’ payload, these tanks are scheduled for delivery to Ukraine soon. The total value of this aid package is estimated between “$240 million and $375 million,” pending final decisions on its content.

Britain has previously sent similar munitions to Ukraine, but this marks the inaugural shipment from the US, potentially sparking controversy. This decision aligns with the Biden administration’s prior move to offer cluster munitions to Ukraine, a choice not without its critics due to potential civilian risks.

This comes as Russia’s Defense Ministry has previously warned about sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine. In a previous statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Russia would be “forced to react” if the uranium depleted munitions were sent to Ukraine. He added, “Russia will have to respond accordingly, given that the West collectively is already beginning to use weapons with a nuclear component.”


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