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During a Twitch stream, the 21-year-old influencer expressed regret over the chaos that erupted around Union Square in Manhattan last week. Cenat said, “I am … beyond disappointed in anybody who became destructive that day. None of that was my intention. I had good intentions for the whole thing.” The influencer also noted his dissatisfaction with footage showing fans dancing atop residents’ cars.

Facing charges due to the disorderly event, Cenat acknowledged his upcoming court appearance. He indicated his intent to maintain a low profile, emphasizing, “We all have to do better, and I’ll find the ways If I ever want to do something like this in the future.” He reiterated, “I gotta make the right calls; I do the right things.”

Cenat, recognized as the Streamy Awards Streamer of the Year last year, had unexpectedly announced a giveaway, offering free PlayStation 5 consoles and other gaming items. The massive turnout led to the city’s intervention, shutting down streets and altering subway routes.

Subsequently, Cenat was charged with one felony and two misdemeanors, as reported by ABC News. The New York Police Department arrested 65 individuals, primarily juveniles, during the event.


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