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Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former President and currently deputy chairman of the country’s Security Council, has launched verbal attacks on President Biden, hitting him on his age, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and accusing the President of instigating a “nuclear Armageddon” through his support for Ukraine.

Continuing his criticisms in a recent Telegram post, Medvedev chastised “sleepy senile Biden” for his stance during the 2021 Geneva summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, where Biden denied agreeing to Russia’s demands against Ukraine’s NATO membership. Medvedev further claimed that Biden had “shamefully fled from Afghanistan” and, in an attempt to “hide the shame, he ruined the economy of Europe.”

Medvedev’s disapproval of supplying Ukraine with extensive weaponry was apparent. He also expressed his alarm over Biden’s promise of providing cluster munitions and the prospect of offering NATO membership to Kyiv, both actions he suggests could trigger a “Third World War.”

President Biden’s decision to facilitate the supply of more cluster munitions to Ukraine has faced pushback from human rights organizations and fellow Democrats due to the indiscriminate harm these weapons can inflict upon civilians. Medvedev, speculating on Biden’s motives, suggested that every American leader aims to dominate and limit other countries, particularly “stubborn” ones like Russia. He further inferred that Biden could be considered a “sick old man with severe dementia,” or a “dying grandfather” trying to “leave gracefully” by “provoking nuclear Armageddon and taking half of humanity with him to the next world.”

Medvedev has frequently portrayed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a proxy war with NATO, often warning of a potential nuclear standoff. The White House has yet to comment on Medvedev’s remarks.


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