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Ukraine has announced that they are creating drone assault companies within its armed forces that will be equipped with Starlink satellite communications as part of its plan to build up an “army of drones.”

According to the Ukrainian government, the project, which will involve several government agencies, received approval from the head of Ukraine’s military, Valeriy Zaluzhnyi. In a statement, Ukraine’s General Staff said “the most professional servicemen” have already been chosen to lead the companies, each of which will receive drones and ammunition, Starlink terminals, and other equipment. The statement also said, “We are doing everything to provide soldiers with modern technologies.”

Last month, Ukraine’s defense minister told Reuters that he regards drones as the future of modern warfare. Drones have been crucial in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia since February 2020. Russia has used hundreds of Iranian-made “suicide drones” to attack Ukrainian cities, and Ukrainian forces use drones to drop small explosives on Russian troops and surveil their movements. The war has slowed in recent weeks to an attritional battle with few territorial gains for either side.


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