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EXTREME VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: At the bottom of the story, there will be images and video showing the scene. In the video, dead children can be seen. If you do not want to see the video or pictures, stop scrolling once the warning appears on your screen.

The brother of a local cartel in Mexico and his entire family (including children) were killed after being gunned down by a rival cartel on a highway.

Fernando Perez Vega, the brother of “El Pelon,” the leader of the cartel “Los Pelones”

According to witnesses, a white SUV with cartel sicarios chased after a black truck occupied by Fernando Perez Vega, the brother of “El Pelon,” the leader of the cartel “Los Pelones.” Witnesses say the men in the white car were opening fire on the vehicle and eventually boxed the truck in the city of Heroica Veracruz. Moments after, the cartel assassins got out of their SUV and executed everyone in the black truck, including the man’s two children and wife.

Exclusive video we’ve obtained shows five victims in the vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds to their bodies. In addition to the truck, a taxi cab was found nearby with two victims, one dead at the scene with multiple gunshots to his head and chest, and another in critical condition from gunshot wounds to his chest.

Police have not established who is responsible for the hit but blame it on cartel-related violence.


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